• About the Tales of Conquest Series

    We are UltraStudios and we have designed a series of comic books tagged ‘Tales of Conquest’. This title is further subtitled in relation with the content of the storyline that make up each set, and a set may contain as much as ten issues also called chapters – with each having its own unique title as well.
    The first set of stories in the series is titled ‘The Truce’. It is a fully colored collection that would consume you with suspense and thrill.

    For a sneak peak, go to our Preview. page

  • Concept behind the series

    The tales of conquest series is a set of stories based on events that happened in ancient times and the warriors that dwelt in those times. The stories focus on the socio-cultural and political interaction amongst and within ancient empires. The inter-play of this interaction often led to war and conflict. Through a combination of fictitious and sometimes real characters and events, the stories are told with a healthy dose of humor, suspense and intricate twists. The aim of the stories can be summed up by calling them the double Es; Enlighten and Entertain.

  •  Ultrastudios Team

    We possess a very talented and creative team. Our team members value quality and excellence.
    Our aim is to enlighten you on cultures you may know little or nothing about and entertain you along the way. From the artist, writer, researcher, and editor, everyone ensures that their best is provided just to keep you, our readers satisfied. We thank you for discovering us.

    Please feel free to contact us for questions and comments.