• Hey guys, another graphic novel is currently in the works. Also by Artist – Scot Mmobuosi and writer – Afolabi Ashiru, this graphic has about seven episode, and draws its theme from Yoruba mythology. It is full of suspense and intrigues with creatures and monsters as told by the legends.


    A young man awakens in a strange forest unable to remember anything. He is joined by three other persons he is unable to recognize either. These individuals are then challenged with the task of helping him recognize them, and more importantly himself and the dangerous, yet inevitable journey that lay ahead of them. They are not alone in the forest, but perhaps they are the only true humans in it.
    Their journey through this endless jungle would prove to become their greatest experience and lesson that would prepare them for a far deadlier mission outside of it. A mission that could destroy them and all they have learned, or a mission that could change their lives and their ancestral communities forever…

    enter “The Oyo Menace”.



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